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ACE Notebook is designed to be a blog for educators looking to infuse technology into their curricula.  Additionally, the blog will identify books for the library and classroom, along with educational cell phone apps recommendations.


American Picker’s “Pick and Tell” Contest

pick-and-tell-logoUsually contests don’t interest me; however, this contest from History Channel’s American Pickers looks too good not to share. Students ages 7-13 who might be “pickers” or have collectible family memorabilia only need to share the story behind one particular item in 500 words or less.  Prize money ranges from $10,000 and $5000 scholarships to $3,000. While the school year is about to end for many, the deadline for submissions for this contest is May 29, so there’s time.  For more information, check out American Pickers Kid Picker Pick and Tell.  

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Do Something!

Do Something
Are you searching for ideas for a class project on social awareness, going green, volunteerism?  Perhaps your school requires students to participate in community activities as part of their graduation requirement. Maybe, you just want your students to “Do Something” that matters in today’s world.  Click on “Explore Campaigns” to see what others have been doing, to help generate your own ideas for student activism.



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Engaging Students with Web Cams

red-tailed hawkSpring just has a way of shouting, “It’s time for baby birds!”  I’m delighted to announce that red-tailed hawks, “Big Red and Ezra’s first egg was laid today March 19, 2014 at around 1:11PM.” The Cornell Lab Bird Cams are up and running with a number of online cams.  If you have not used these web cams in the past, you might be missing some of the most awe-inspiring and engaging moments in the classrooms.  Pair life cycle studies with observational journal writing.  The journal writing screams “gross, eeew, yuck” when students observe the adult birds as they return to the nest with a captured fish, mouse, or snake to feed their young.  If technology allows, install your own web cam in a nearby tree to observe the robins, sparrows, cardinals as they begin building their own nests and families.  This could prove to be an interesting compare/contrast writing activity as well.

Red-tailed Hawk Cam

Note:  A few years ago, the teachers in my online class were reading Newbery Honor Winner,  Runt by Marion Dane Bauer, and sharing the book simultaneously with their classroom students. Students were absorbed in the adventures of the yet-unnamed wolf pup, but didn’t understand the family (pack) nature of wolves.  Helping the students understand the “pack” of wolves, one of the teachers discovered a wolf web cam site.  What a difference it made!  Students were arriving 15 minutes early to school so they could watch the wolf web cam, discuss what they had seen and ready to continue reading the novel!  Ah…technology!


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Maggie Quick…an enchanting read

Check the latest post on ACE Book Recommendations: Maggie Quick by Dr. Robert Rhodes and Eleanor Stewart.   I received an examination copy of this light Gothic adventure on Monday.  It was one of those transitional winter-spring days in Ohio…clouds, gray skies, dampness in the air.  I believe the meteorological term is “gloomy.”  What better day to curl up with a new title and journey to another time and place?  Delightful read!!

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Desktop Grammarian

Attention: English and Language Arts teachers, Curriculum Directors of public, charter, and parochial schools, and Homeschool Educators

I have just posted on the ACE Book Recommendations page a title that may be exactly what you need for the classroom.

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Out of Milk?

Check the recent post on the ACE Recommended Cell Phone Apps!

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irubricstudioiRubric is a relatively new find for those teachers using rubrics in their classroom.  While this rubrics generator is extremely user-friendly and FREE to individual teachers and students, a subscription purchase is available for entire schools and districts.  Build, assess, share, and work  collaboratively with this generator.  Before you build, consider the 1000s of rubrics that are available for use or modification.  The gallery of generated rubrics are arranged by grade level, subject area, and type.  This will be one of those sites you will want to share with your colleagues.

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